With investment over the last 5 years of over £500k, LUR has a capacity to overhaul about 8500 wheelsets per year. With 2 production lines both in dismantle and assembly area’s and by working a flexible shift pattern, capacity could be increased by another 1000.

Typical plant and equipment consists of bearing kits for removal and fitting, Grit-blasting for paint removal from axles, 3x 100T wheels/disc brake removal pullers, axle and wheel MPI, 4 ovens for wheel and brake disc ‘shrink’ fitting, 2 back presses, 2 paint booths and 2 dynamic balancing machines.

Customers include Siemens, Alstom, Hitachi, Train Operators and Freight covering both wheelsets for new trains and legacy fleets. Replacement wheels and axles are transferred from in house production giving a complete integrated service.

A full Tier 1 service can also be offered where LUR will manage and purchase other third party materials, bearings, disc brakes, within the wheelset, to offer a complete wheelset “system” provision.