LUR undertakes the overhaul and refurbishment of all types of locomotive, passenger rolling stock and freight wagon bogies.

We are able to offer our customers a fully comprehensive service through our 2 bogie lines, one for heavier repairs including the repair of damaged bogie frames, shot blasting, non destructive testing and repainting of bogies and the second which caters for quick throughput and high volume for the more modern type of bogies where shot blasting and painting isn’t necessary.


LUR’s integrated approach ensures axles, wheels and wheelsets are available for bogie overhaul through our vertically integrated capability, we are the only supplier who is capable of forging our own wheels and axles at our facility in Lovere, Italy.

We also offer a fast turnaround service, which reduces the need for addition float requirements to support turnaround times. We have the skills base to offer any heavy engineering solutions including non-destructive testing.


Bogie Overhaul Animation