Wheel Forgings are sourced from Lucchini RS in Italy and held in stock to be machined to customer’s precise schedules.

LUR is therefore able to offer full security of supply whilst retaining maximum flexibility to machine in smaller batches. LUR holds a forging stock between 5,000 and 6,000 forgings at any one time, reflecting full support for the required industry flexibility.

Wheels can be machined from the forgings to include plate drilling for fitting of disc brakes and independent drilling for oil injection holes with a machining capacity of 30,000 wheels per annum.

Within LUR’s portfolio wheels can be machined for high speed applications to precise and demanding tolerances through to much smaller diameter Metro stock or larger Freight and Locomotive stock. All wheels are machined from fully conforming forging and heat treatment facilities within Lucchini RS providing complete traceability and quality control from “Furnace to Fleet”