Axles are produced in house using our Danobatt lathe and precision grinder.

Forgings are sourced from LucchiniRS  and held in stock to be machined to customer’s precise schedules. LUR is therefore able to offer full security of supply whilst retaining maximum flexibility to machine in smaller batches. Capacity is reserved to compliment LUR’s internal demand for attrition rates, generated from LUR’s wheelset overhaul  programmes, fully supporting flexibility and availability of product.

Additional capacity is available to provide external customer’s the same level of service supporting stock reductions and cash outlay. Within LUR’s portfolio Axles can be machined for high speed applications to precise and demanding tolerances through to heavy duty freight and locomotive stock. All axles are machined from fully conforming forgings and heat treatment facilities within LucchiniRS, providing complete traceability and quality control from “Furnace to Fleet”