We have the industry knowledge and expertise to help keep your maintenance on track.

Located on Wheel Forge Way in Trafford Park, Manchester, we are your trusted experts in wheelset maintenance and overhaul. With years of industry knowledge and full RISAS approval for our facility, we are committed to keeping your maintenance on track.

At our facility, we specialise in the overhaul of all types of wheelsets, including locomotives, passenger rolling stock, light rail and freight. Our mission is to extend the lifespan of wheelsets to help reduce life cycle costs.

Our team comprises of highly skilled machinists and engineers with expertise in refurbishing and restoring existing wheelsets for ultimate performance. If the wheels and axles have limited remaining life, we offer the option of supplying brand new, high-quality steel wheels and axles. These components are forged at our facility in Italy and then transported to Manchester for processing, finishing, and assembly.

Whether the wheelsets are partially damaged, have reached its expected lifespan, or require extensive maintenance, we have the expertise to provide a comprehensive solution. We are well-versed in safety protocols, compliance, railway standards, and legal safety requirements.

What do we do as part of the overhaul?

  • Grit-blasting for paint removal from wheels & axles
  • Cleaning, inspection, and replacement of parts if necessary
  • Reassembly
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Reprofiling of wheels
  • Ultrasonic axle testing (UAT)
  • Magnetic particle inspection (MPI)

Following the overhaul process and successful quality control checks, the wheelsets are delivered to either our customers’ depot or sent to our bogie overhaul facility in Doncaster for the final assembly stage.


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