We have the industry knowledge and expertise to help keep your Gearboxes on track.

Our dedicated Gearbox facility is located in Fourways, Trafford Park and is fully RISAS-approved. We specialise in the comprehensive overhaul of a wide variety of rail gearboxes, including light rail vehicles, passenger, freight, and locomotive. With a team of highly skilled engineers, each possessing an extensive wealth of industry knowledge, we are committed to keeping your maintenance on track.

Our mission is to extend the lifespan of gearboxes, and our proficient engineers excel at refurbishing and restoring them to optimal performance, saving you the expense of costly replacements.

The gearboxes arrive at our facility, either directly from our customers or disassembled from their respective wheelsets at Wheel Forge Way, before being delivered to our facility for the overhaul process. 

Our dedicated team in the gearbox facility collaborates closely with our customers to offer solutions for all levels of overhaul and tailor our service to support their requirements.

Whether the wheelsets are partially damaged, have reached its expected lifespan, or require extensive maintenance, we have the expertise to provide a comprehensive solution. We are well-versed in safety protocols, compliance, railway standards, and legal safety requirements.

We are equipped with advanced technology, including a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) giving us the capability to accurately measure gearbox components as well as wheels and axles, guaranteeing precision in our work.

What do we do as part of the overhaul?

  • Full, part, or light overhaul depending on our customers’ requirements.
  • Bearing replacement or inspection and end float reset.
  • Fastener and seal replacement.
  • Spin test performed on every gearbox worked.

Upon completion of the overhaul process, the gearboxes are dispatched either for reassembly onto the wheelsets at Wheel Forge Way or returned directly to our customers’ depots.


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