We have the industry knowledge and expertise to help keep your maintenance on track.

Located in Doncaster, we specialise in the overhaul and refurbishment of all types of locomotives, passenger rolling stock, light rail and freight wagon bogies. With years of industry knowledge and full RISAS approval for our facility, we are committed to keeping your maintenance on track.

What sets us apart is our exceptional vertical integration of our wheel, axle and wheelset manufacture that guarantees availability for bogie overhaul.

Regardless of the condition of the bogies, whether it’s partially damaged, reached its expected lifespan, or requires extensive maintenance, we work collaboratively with our customers to define the scope of work. We aim to reduce life cycle costs, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient solution, while adhering to safety protocols, compliance, railway standards, and legal safety requirements.

When bogies arrive at our facility, we disassemble the wheelsets and send them to Manchester for a comprehensive overhaul. The bogie frames go through the cleaning, stripping and a detailed inspection to identify flaws or damage.

Our highly skilled engineers are proficient in replacing worn or damaged components, ensuring that each bogie is restored to operate reliably for many more years of rail service.

We have the facility to cater for two types of overhauls

Heavy Overhaul

  • Full overhaul to the latest specification
  • Shot blasting
  • Non-destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Repainting of bogies

Light Overhaul

  • Quick throughput & high volume for modern-type bogies
  • Shot blasting and painting is not required
  • Repair of damaged bogie frames

Key Features:

  • Fast turnaround service
  • Heavy Engineering Solutions

Wheelsets, which have undergone the overhaul process from Manchester, are transported back to Doncaster for the final assembly stage. After full assembly and successful quality control checks, the bogies are then delivered to our customers’ depots across the UK, ensuring a seamless continuation of rail operations.

Watch our bogie overhaul process


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