Rest assured, your trust in our precision guarantees that your rail components receive the utmost care and attention.

At Wheel Forge Way in Trafford Park, Manchester, we have a dedicated area for spherical and cartridge bearings overhaul.
By disassembling the bearings from its corresponding wheelset, we transfer it to the dedicated area for thorough and comprehensive overhaul.

No matter the condition of the bearings, whether it’s partially damaged, have reached its expected lifespan, or require extensive maintenance, we possess the expertise required to deliver a comprehensive solution. 

Our highly skilled team of engineers is proficient in replacing worn or damaged components, ensuring that each bearing is restored to perform reliably for many more years of rail service, saving you the expense of costly replacements.

What do we do as part of the overhaul?

  • Cleaning, inspection, and replacement of parts if necessary
  • Re-assembly
  • A thorough end float check

After the overhaul, the bearings are expertly reassembled onto the wheelsets, ensuring optimal performance and extended service life.


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