Increasing Product Safety is a key objective of the Lucchini Research and Development department.  The R&D laboratories are equipped with a range of full scale test rigs to reproduce real life conditions.

New Wheelset Protection systems can be developed and tested.  The R&D projects are considering mechanical and thermal fatigue, mechanical impacts, adhesion, gritting and flame resistance.  New systems must be compatible with NDT inspection processes.

The objective must be to ensure long lasting protection which will reduce the costs of in-service inspection and maintenance of the wheelsets



  • Epoxy based fibers reinforced coating for axle anti –impact protection; was developed for the high speed vehicles.
  • 90 J steel bullet in wide temperature range (-40 to +80 °C)
  • Fire resistant according to EN 45545


  • Anti-impact shell, applicable on class 3 coating, removable for axle periodical NDT inspection (MT – magnetic particle)
  • 90 J steel bullet in wide temperature range (-40 to +80 °C).
  • A special surface pattern enables the moisture flow from the axle-shell interface to the outside.
  • Fire resistant according to EN 45545


There is more information on the Lucchini RS Group website