With over 28.000 wheels in service rolling for over 140k km every year, SuperLos® made a name for themselves, especially for performing in strong environmental and loading conditions. Their lightweight design is matched by high toughness in low temperatures and superior resistance to wear and Rolling Contact Fatigue without the adverse effects on rails, making it Lucchini RS the most popular wheel for a wide range of applications, especially for high-speed service.

Widely popular for higher-duty applications, UpLos® wheels demonstrate significant improvements in wear, RCF, and OOR resistance. UpLos® steel grades are the improvement of existing steel grades, obtained in the respect of EN/AAR standard specifications.

Designed specifically for the tread-braked wheels, HyperLos® steel is in high demand for freight wagons and high-speed trains. This innovative steel alloy has been proven to withstand cyclic thermo-mechanical stresses caused by the vehicle’s downhill containment braking. It is shown to improve wear and Rolling Contact Fatigue resistance and delay local thermal alterations.


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